Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And The Politicians Throwing Stones

I have an early prediction.

It helps that I honestly don't give a shit who is the next President of the US and A. I think they are all a bunch of turds floating in a golden toilet. The voters are the Grooms of the Stool.

So instead of putting on a straw hat or defacing my property with placards, I watch the electoral process as if it were simply a game. It doesn't matter whatsoever who is running. I just so enjoy the hypnotic maneuvers they make to sway the opinion of John Q. Public and Johnny 6-pack.

It's the handlers that win elections.

The GOP, bless them, have long had the stronger corner men. The previous and greatest, Karl Rove is a friggin' genius.

Last election, he covered Bush's gloves with so much Vaseline, Kerry spent the last 7 rounds of the fight rubbing his eyes. He was in the shower before the ref counted him out.

Eariler, Rove tore John McCain a brand new extra wide asshole up which he is happy to shove his generously endowed head today.

Even though Karl has retired there are minions in that office that can still point fingers in any direction. The Donkeys haven't got the game to fight in the same league with the Elephants. I mean, George Bush is a second term President. How do you really think that happened.... his policies??
Rove managed it all while avoiding an indictment at the same fer Christ's sake. No wonder he wants to spend more time with his family....as long as the family is Fox News.

But the game is still kind of fun to watch. This week, to stay somewhere near the front page, Johnny B. Goode got a sweet photo-op in Iraq. I think he supports the troops more than anybody, don't you agree?

Now to be outdone and coming out of an undisclosed location in the back of a pickup truck, Bill Clinton is digging the foundation for a future tenement in Nawlins.... He even brought that eye candy Brad Pitt for the ladies. Those Clintons sure do love the Po' folk. Too bad they are not allowed to vote.

All Barrack Hussain could come up with is a very Negro preacher who he is somehow handcuffed to like a Coen Brothers remake of The Defiant Ones.... and he has to convince us that HE is Tony Curtis.

If we base our judgement strictly on campaign management, not on personality or stance on the issues or any other bullshit that comes out of a speech, the Republicans are Tiger Woods, the Democrats are my brother Rick who doesn't even play miniature golf.

John McCain, seeing that he is the candidate, possibly with the ever popular Mitt Romney by his side, will defeat whichever odd combo he goes against in November. This is my prediction.

And the next voice you hear will be an old white guy shouting, "Four More Years!"


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Channel Surfer Dude said...

People who hold back their feelings get ulcers. Stop sugar coating and put your filters down.

At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long live the Queen! love robin
p.s. - all the candidates suck


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