Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm Uncle Sam, That's Who I Am. I'll Drink Your Health, Share Your Wealth; Run Your Life, Steal Your Wife

I'm loving the current election process going on in the US and A. We get Faux News. Bill O'Stupid and that Sean Insannity are getting more transparent every day.


I am currently convinced that the only place Hillary will not lie is.... in bed with Bill.

B. Hussain Osama is a child who hates White America.

John McCain is God and hath never sinned.

How long until we hear that his millionaire trophy wife was addicted to Vicodan, stole pills from her medical company and fired the whistle blower who narced her out? Rush won't tell you, but look it up.

Coming back to the actual policy issues, how 'bout that Iraq-nam? Looks like the only way to bring those boys home is in a box.
Mission Impossible.

Could that skirmish over there have ANYTHING to do with the failing economy? Where is all that money coming from? Where is it all going? Do you know? Should you know? Or is it more important that Hanoi Jane likes the black guy?
If the mint prints any more money, they're going to run out of green ink.

Health care issues will never be fixed...ever. Build a bridge and get over it. Current stats say that at age 65, you will need $225,000 in future health costs.

Speaking of bridges, illegal immigration used to be a front page issue. Is that silly wall finished? Did that one get taken care of while I was watching a rugby game?

Here are a few good reasons to like New Zealand.

We are not in the coalition of the willing. No tax dollars or soldiers are in Iraq.

Free health care. Period. The only people here with supplemental insurance are Ex-pat Americans. It cost about US 2 grand a year for both of us. Perscription drugs cost about 3 dollars. By the way, somebody tell Cindy McCain to forget Vicodan and get some Voltaren, an over the counter med we have here that is not addictive and cures what ails ya just fine, thanks.

The economy here is good. We just made a free trade agreement with China. Very big deal. Morally questionable, but economically sound. Nobody here talks about recession.

Immigration is a difficult process to get through. Takes about a year and could cost thousands of dollars. We have no borders or walls or fences or patrols. Babies born here are not automatically citizens unless one of the parents is from NZ. Otherwise they go home with madre.

Don't know if this is good or bad, but apparently we have a shitload of oil that has recently been found off the west cost of the South Island.

No pollution. Lots of space and scenery. If there is a God, this is where he/she spends holidays. Most of the 4 million Kiwis like to keep it neat, clean and tidy.

New Zealanders really love their country but don't have to wear lapels or wave flags or pledge allegiance every day in school to prove it to themselves.

No armed citizenry other than hunting rifles. Police don't even use guns. Still low crime rate.

Excellent education system. Everyone here reads and speaks English better than Bush on his best day.

Elections here run about 90 days and we vote for the agenda of the party, not the individual per se. I know in America, it is a popularity contest. Here,it is very issue based. For proof, here is a picture of Helen Clark, our current Prime Minister with America's current dictator.

When I was a kid, we said we had the best country in the world. Today, that mantra is repeated, but it's a lot harder to say with a straight face. Somewhere along the way, The US and A lost the path. Many say the world changed on September 11, 2001. I think it happened on the first Tuesday in November, 2000.

Sometimes you need to get out of America in order to see America.

As Billo asks on The Fear Factor, "Am I wrong, sir?"


At 6:34 AM, Blogger channelsurferdude said...

You are so right on. Unfortunately, you don't need to get out of America to see America. Send me the real estate section of your town...I'm coming!

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NZ has much to offer but listening to your friend Bono and his sidekick AL,
NZ will be a great barrier reef alternative in a few decades. No worries, were to old to surf those waters.


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