Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rich Man In His Summer Home

Back about 10 years ago, Kimberly had a very well paying job as a pharmaceutical rep. for Abbott Labs. Her territory included Hawaii. Of course, she had an expense account. As a well practiced mooch, I spent quite a bit of time lounging on the beach while she toiled away at some hospital. I learned to order Pina Coladas in the native tongue.
Sure, she was pushing drugs and probably single handedly started the entire health crisis which dominoed into the current world economy situation. But she was not quite as evil as Bernard Madoff.
Besides the pay was great and the scrounging could be compared to if Orsen Welles lived next door to a free 24 hour Dunkin Donuts. Come to think about it, that wouldn't be so bad for me either.

That being said, one day she comes to me with the brilliant idea of becoming a yoga teacher. Of course, I only had a few small questions. "What does it pay?" and "Will this new occupation take me to Kauai?"
Both answers were very disappointing. But what are ya gonna do?

So from then on, it's been yoga, yoga and more yoga.
Here in Nelson, Kimberly just retired from teaching at Hot Yoga, where she garnered quite a reputation as an instructor. Next, We decided to take a portion of our garage and turn it into a small studio where she can do private sessions.
She started doing these a few weeks ago.
Last week, she had business cards printed up. Nothing flash, just basic information.

Lots of people are excited and she already has steady cash paying students. Of course, in honor of Dad, taxes will be properly paid. The sponger in me has been reawakened.

Waikiki, here I come!


At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're little studio will become a bigger studio very soon...You are an incredible instructor and my only regret is I am to many thousands of miles away from Nelson. Maybe on a Hawaiian Beach I will join the class, someday.
Don't give up the idea of "hot yoga" it sounds very tempting. Like a "hot steam" with poses.

At 5:31 AM, Blogger channelsurferdude said...

What flavors of yoga do you have there?


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