Saturday, June 28, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow A Bullet May Find Me

My father was a huge politics junkie. I remember way back in 1956 being forced to watch the Democratic Convention that nominated Adlai Stevenson, We had a little black and white TV and he was glued to it for every spine tingling moment. I could have cared less because I already planned to vote for Howdy Doody, who not only shared my political leanings, but also had a cool scatological name.

As the years went by, Dad, a staunch FDR Democrat, tried to get all his progeny interested in voting and the importance of the person with the keys to the White House.

I was, as I am today, cynical. I say they are all a bunch of self serving bums who will say and do anything to get elected. I say they are more interested in their dog's anal warts than anything irritating the voters.
My father was consistent and insistent that the true reason to vote was the Supreme Court. The President gets to pick the successors and they stay in office for life. The Supreme Court could very well be the most powerful branch of the government.
OK Dad, rest in peace. I now get it. Yesterday, the Court, in a close vote, basically confirmed that Americans have the obligation to lock and load. The right to bear arms has been reaffirmed to be protected by the 2nd amendment of the Constitution, by gum.
So buy guns.
For the court to decided any other way would have caused a revolution, where militias would need to be well regulated all over again.
We almost had one a few weeks back when the same court decided Bush's private prisons in Gitmo had to give the inmates some other Constitutional rights. But the amendments regarding that decision have much higher numbers, like 6,7, and 8.
Most True Americans never read past #2.

McCain's court

So the point here is that Dad was 100% correct as usual. The next resident of the White House will likely choose the next Justice of the Supreme Court. Right now, the Court is kind of balanced. But if McCain gets elected, he will add someone that will probably allow the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Obama will do the opposite.

Forget all the other bullshit. Vote depending on how you feel about abortion. Case closed.

Barack's court

Meanwhile, I am beginning to flip-flop over who I think will win the election. McCain is SOOOO weak as a candidate, he puts everyone to sleep the minute he opens his mouth. And he is so white, he practically looks ghostly clear. Plus, he can't express himself very well as a speaker.

The surrogates who support him have a very hard time thinking of something to say so they just keep attacking Barry 24/7 which is getting kind of transparent and obvious.

Obama is on a hot dog roll, picking up endorsements and money enough to buy off Hillary Clinton. Plus he could sweet talk chocolate milk out of a white cow. And his wife, Michelle, aka "Blackie O." has captured the hearts of the ladies of The View. They were falling all over themselves like the 5 stoogettes to be the first to give the terrorist bump.

And let's not forget Oprah.

Meanwhile, poor Cindy gets accused of plagiarizing cookie recipes.

So unless some true American exercises his newly polished 2nd amendment rights, it looks like Obama will be the next king of Camelot.

NOTE TO READERS - we will be off the grid for the next few weeks as we are heading for an undisclosed location in the Pacific. Hint - it's leadership was recently installed as the result of a coup. If we are taken hostage, somebody call the Supreme Court.


At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should not mock anal warts. They are a bitch to deal with. Caught mine from a dirty toilet seat in a South Pacific Island. Still scratching and bleeding.
All I'm saying is, it's better to squeeze one off in the Figian sand than use their toilets. You've been warned.

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was running down the road trying to losen my load I've got a world of troubles on my mind. It's a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at me, take it easy, take it easy!!


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