Monday, January 15, 2007

Watching Flies and Children on the Street

One of the first things we noticed when we got here was that there were no screens anywhere. When it started warming up, people were opening their doors and windows to let in the breeze.

New Zealand has flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and all those sorts of things, so we reckoned they would be crawling all over the homes, wouldn't you?

But they don't.

Instead, everyone has a little apparatus called "Eco-Mist" which is a spray that puffs out some anti-bug potion that is harmless to people and environmentally friendly, of course. Made in NZ.

The critters either die pretty fast or stand at the doorway and avoid coming in without an invitation from us.

I don't believe this is available in the US. The screen manufacturing people would not like it. One container can work for a 1500 s/f house and lasts a season at least.

So we got one the other day. Now we sleep with the windows open. We have our doors wide open all bugs, even though they are visible outdoors. I actually don't get it, but who cares?

Here is their website:


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous robin said...

cute dead fly photo. I think you should get a cut of everyone that is purchased from this point on cause I am surely going to check it out! I hate any bug/fly in the house so screens are not an option. NZ has too many cool things - keep the education coming. robin


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