Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sitting plush with a royal flush, aces back to back

We have been meaning to address the toilet situation here in order to answer some pressing questions.

The word "Loo" comes up a lot for the room we use to make water.

The most widely claimed source of loo is gardy loo (based on pseudo-French gare de l'eau "mind the water"), used in 18th-century Edinburgh to warn passers-by when a chamber pot was about to be emptied into the street below. However, this is chronologically unlikely, as there is no evidence of loo being used for "toilet" before the 1930s. Other possible candidates include Waterloo (the link with "water" gives this some plausibility) and louver, from the use of slatted screens for a makeshift lavatory. The likeliest source is perhaps French lieux d'aisances, literally "places of ease," hence "toilet," possibly picked up by British service personnel in France during World War I.
Loo is very British and Kiwis are sometimes trying to distance themselves from the Poms so they avoid the word and say "toilet". In the States, we have lots of ways to avoid saying toilet and use rest room, powder room, facilities, gotta see a man about a horse...but in New Zealand, just say toilet and nobody will look at you funny.

In Moari, it is called 'Wharepaku", pronounced Fareepaakoo and it means toilet house

Boy, are we getting an education, or what?

They have a dual flush system here that makes a lot of sense. On the tank are 2 buttons, one for pee and one for poo. More water is released for the 2nd button for obvious reasons.

It took us a while to figure this our because we were afraid to ask about toilet stuff.

By the way, as far as we can tell, the water swirls the same way, clockwise, as everywhere else. Possibly the counterclockwise story is an urban legend.

The public toilets are extremely clean everywhere, even petrol stations and along the roadways. Campsites have outhouses or porta-pottys, but they don't call them that. They are called longdrops. Can you guess why?

That's all for now.

Gotta go.


At 4:42 AM, Anonymous robin said...

too many puns on the closing line but adorable. speaking of 'loos' "Mr. Hilton" is still having issues when traveling :) robin

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Zach said...

I actually went and flushed my toilet to make sure that water in the northern hemisphere does, in fact, drain in a clockwise direction. Perhaps toilet swirling has more to do with toilet construction than physics.


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