Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trouble Ahead, Trouble behind

This was a week where some problems have been solved.

Firstly, we have a wrought iron gate that you need to go thru to get to the front door. The previous owners had a dog, so they didn't want him getting out. One day we realized that we didn't have a dog and that we really did not like the wrought iron fence. So we decided to take it down and do... I don't know what with it.

I started the removal process armed with my bolt removing tools, protective goggles and work gloves. But the concrete patio it was protecting was put in on top of the bolts holding it down. More tools would be needed than my tiny wrench.

Who walks in the door, but Lance, a guy we know who crafts wood. Turns out Lance has a baby and a dog and could sure use a wrought iron fence. And he had tools with him that could saw thru wrought iron. 30 minutes later, we were both happy.

Then, some of you will remember that we have been seeking bagels. We have been settling for the store ones, which are Farmer Boy Quality, at least. But as I have been know to say, if you can throw some money at a problem and make it go away, it wasn't really a problem.

From Wholly Bagels in Wellington, we can order 2 doz. (26) bagels to be delivered to our doorstep the same day they were made. Total cost - $44NZ (30US). OK, so that's a little more than a buck a bagel. But the problem has gone away.

Last, everyone needs to be near a chocolate store. We have a lot of places to get lollies, and ice cream. We can get decent candy at the grocery market. There is a darn good fudge shop in town, too. But we need that chocolatier, above See's level.

As I was to learn, and Kimberly already knew, Nelson is the home of Rosy Glow Chocolate, which was mentioned in an eariler entry. It is like The Wisteria Candy Cottage in Jacumba, Ca. We went there yesterday and met the manager, who is the fiance to the son of our horticulturist.

Small town. Seems like Mayberry.

But the chocolates could make a dead man come, according to Kimberly. I'm not sure what that says about me... She spent $50 on huge chunks of candy filled with rums and coconuts and fruits. Each chunk had weight, which will soon be transfered to my gut.

Luckily we found where to get coffee.

There is also a place that sells bulk coffees with tasty blends. It's called Sublime Coffee. It is near Butcher Boys, a meat market owned by Scottish people. Round the bend near the harbor is Guyton's, where one can get freshly caught fish.

Trouble just has no name here, Aunt Bee.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous robin said...

I am afraid to see in a few weeks what all the bagels, candy, beer, coffee, ice cream and probably a pig in a polk has done to you!!

At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like seeing Kimberly on the ground rather than Aunt Bee....please focus on your readers.


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