Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now I'm Payin' For Those Happy Hours I Spent There In Her Arms

I know we have readers out there who are involved in education so today we will be discussing the teacher's lounge and perks therein.

Here in Nelson at the college, which is what they call their high school, there is a vast lounge, with comfortable couches and tables.
There is also a lovely patio for outdoor seating.

Mornings, we get the newspaper and there is coffee and tea freshly made for all. Cups are supplied and someone is hired to wash it all up.

3 times a week, there is a morning briefing which goes very quickly (10 min.) The headmaster speaks as do the VPs. Then the staff can make announcements.

There is NO GRIPING or criticizing at any time. No teacher dare talk or fool around during the briefing. Very proper and professional. In fact, I have heard nobody knocking any of their fellow teacher here.

Donna Hamilton would be thrown out after 5 seconds

Every day, after 2nd period, there is an interval where we all come back to the lounge. Tea and coffee are prepared and folks eat some snack they have may have brought. This is a 20 minute break.

One hour later is lunch which lasts an hour.

The interval on Friday is different. In their turn, people shout food, like cheese and crackers, cookies, cakes.

This was a surprise for me at first, but now I dig in like the others. being a relief person, I don't think I am required to treat.

Also on Friday, after school, they do something completely outrageous.

We all know alcohol is banned in schools in the US. One could get in deep trouble for having an empty beer can on campus.

Forget about what could happen if you had a tiny bit of mary jane in your backpack.

At Nelson college, as soon as the final bell rings, before the kids all get on the busses, the booze is flowing in the teachers lounge.

It is purchased with school funds, sold at a slight profit to any faculty member who wants to drop in for a quick one before going home, and the net goes to pay for teacher functions.

Good news for me...Tomorrow is Friday and I am going in to sub.

Cheers, and have a good weekend!


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous robin said...

Outrageous! Can't really believe you landed something so incredibly sweet. Beer on Friday while still in school. No wonder teachers are happier there. Can't imagine! Bet you are kicking yourself for not moving sooner! Still hard to believe all the food and how any times they eat! No one looks overweight though. Lots of walking I would imagine, love - robin


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