Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

If you look toward the rear of this picture, you will see a bloke in an orange shirt. That is Graham and sitting next to him is Susan, his partner. The word "partner" is used exclusively to refer to a significant other of any sort. We rarely hear "husband" or "wife", always...partner.

These two run and own a yoga studio called YOGA TAPAS. Tapas means purification, not little Spanish snacks. But Graham does like his little snacks.

About a month ago, I whipped up a batch. By the way, a bach here refers to a small beach house like a bachelor pad.

My batch means 3 dozen gut busting, milk requiring, cardiologist on standby, milk chocolate chip, Macadamia nut cookies (biscuits).

I had a few leftover (hidden) and brought them to class for my new teachers.

For the next two weeks, my cookies were mentioned a minimum of 5 times a class. "We will be doing an extra set of abdominals, thanks to Kimberly's stupendous cookies." Or, "We will be moving into our newer, bigger studio next week and I think that calls for a stack of Kimberly's cookies"

You get the idea.

Peer pressure is a amazing catalyst.... I succumbed.

An announcement was made that there would be cookies on Sunday's morning class. Usually, there are 6 people in this class. On that day there were 12 students! Everyone got their treat.

My mate, Frith, always hangs around to see if there are any extras. Somehow, there were a few and I said she should take one home to her husband, Eyal. Mike was playing golf with him that morning. In fact, Mike mentioned to him that he would be getting a cookie later that day.

It does not work that way, sir.

When he got home, looking for his snack, all he got was an eye roll. Which was fair play because once we gave him about 5 cookies for his family and he kept them locked in his glove compartment.

He said they should not be wasted on children. (Or partners?)

When I refer to my cookies, I say there is nothing healthy about them, but there is.

They make people smile.


At 4:59 AM, Anonymous robin said...

lord knows they always bring a smile to my face until I jump on the scale the next morning! those new zealanders just didn't know what they were missing until you got there and set up shop! miss you - robin

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That guy in the orange T shirt looks like trouble, perhaps some more cookies for him on a regular basis ??


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