Sunday, August 27, 2006

You Talkin' To Me?

Some of you are not talking to us and might like to

There is a GREAT program now available on your computer. It is called SKYPE. Here is the link right to it:

By downloading Skype, which only takes a minute, you can call computer to computer anywhere in the world... FREE. anytime, and talk as long as you want.

The sound is much better than a land or cell phone. Other people in the room can participate. Your computer probably has everything you need, except possibly a microphone.

Microphones can be obtained at Radio Shack or computer stores for about 10 bucks.

In addition, with Skype, you can call from your computer to a regular phone for much less per minute than any other system.

So we have Free Phone calling.. all you need to do is get on the program.

DO IT NOW and search for us under michael bortnick and add us to your contact list. Then whenever you are on the internet, you can make or recieve calls from other Skype users who are also on line.

This is a very cool way to communicate. Get into the 21 century. Get!


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