Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Women are Smarter...That's Right!

"Let us put men and women together,
see which one is smarter,
Some say men, but I say no,
women got the men like a puppet show."
Last Saturday night, on Fresh FM 99.4 in Nelson, they had a special 2 hour tribute to Bob Dylan. 2 of the DJs who were obvious fans of Bobby Z. entertained us with a great mix of music and dialogue from his XM satelite radio show. What a treat to hear Bob speak.
As part of the program, they had some trivia questions that were rewarded with prizes for the correct answers.
Now here is the need to be a Dylan fan and be listening to the radio in a very small town. Then you need to be somewhat of a trivia buff. We found it helps to have high speed internet for the tough ones. Most people here do not fit into all those catagories...but we do.
On Question #1, I was too slow in dialing the phone and just missed out, but got mentioned over the air as a near miss. They said, "Mike from California turned off his telly to listen in tonight and was just a few seconds late with the right answer."
The next question was not Dylan related. They asked, "Who was the artist that painted the highest selling work at auction ever?"
Kimberly grabbed the phone and was dialing before they could finish the question. Little do the people of Nelson know that they now have among their midst the top fan of this obscure painter. We have 5 works coming over on the barge. They should fit nicely in our new art deco home from the 1930's. Barry and Rick, of course, know the artist because of Kimberly. They may very well have mocked her about him.
Well, the mock stops here.
She got through, but there was probably no hurry because this one would have gone a long time without a right answer.
She had it right away... Gustav Klimt. The painting is called "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I". Selling price - $135 Million.
The DJs were quite surprised. She told them she was the wife of Mike from California which got a bit of a laugh. They awarded her a Dylan CD.
As the evening wore on, we thought it would be in poor taste to win all the prizes, so we called a friend and gave her the answers to other questions and she won a CD also. She got to talk over the air and credited us as "collaborators", so we were mentioned a third time.
We went to pick up Kimberly's prize today from the station. It was Nashville Skyline. The kid at the station, Matt, was the production manager and had dredlocks and a lip piercing. He was into the US rock scene and knew a bit about the Grateful Dead as well. Those in the inner circle know we are huge Deadheads. We were VERY happy to meet him.
Tomorrow Matt gets Kimberly cookies and Mike gets a smile.
That's right!!


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