Thursday, June 08, 2006

Kiwi's looking to nest

Last we wrote, house hunting was "key" for "we" who are looking to nest. We have toured several styles of kiwi homes , some alone, some with another new friend/husband/personal assistant to a realtor, "Marc". Marc is of course thinking commission, we know, but we agreed to ride in his "Merc" for a tour de' Nelson just for the education in NZ real estate. First stop, Orakei St., a fine 3 level, 3 bedroom, affair with killer views of Tasman Bay, a golf course, & the city lights. The current owners have done the proper gardening, making any Kiwi proud. Mike liked it ALOT, but I am not fond of the 3 level look or feel. Tough to heat I would think. Fairly priced, but a little out of our range. Since I wasn't doing cartwheels, Marc suggested we move on. Robin, you may have put an offer in, I don;t know..
Next stop in Tasman Heights, Top of the World Ma'... Mike hasn't been this high since we arrived! It was in a classy neighborhood, but that was just my point, IN A NEIGHBORHOOD! But, to be fair, huge, 4 bedrooms, 3 or 4 baths, killer view, but no property, all concrete around this palacial home. Also, Marc said it did get the "Southern" winds when they were around. We want to go where the chilly winds don't blow you know? Moving on...

Albert St., Deco Shmecko, what a dump!! A 50 year old disaster, Marc, shame on you. It was musty, with multiple labyrinth-like rooms & levels. Maybe if you poured $50K into it, crack whores might consider using it.

Now, it gets interesting. If you say "Murphy St" in Nelson, you'll get more thumbs down than Siskel & Ebert gave the movie "Ishtar". Another Deco style home, circa 1940-1950. A huge, beautifully appointed home with everything but location. Even the owner said it was the best house on the worst St. Did I hear ANYONE say "red flag"??

Like goldilocks we found a house that is just right... This is real art deco, classy. A modest size, but it is just the 2 of us. Actually a Nelson landmark, we later found out. It has been refurbished tastefully, not overdone, but with one funky aspect that actually works, (a kitchen of red & black). The grounds are beautiful, private, lush. The view is what could seal a deal, one side mountains, the Maitai Valley, and the other Tasman bay & city lights at night. We were there for the sunset, & blown away. The house was plenty warm for me, which many have not been, another big deal here when house hunting. It gets all day sun, a big seller in this town. We left, have taken a few days to weigh the pros & cons, & will take another look on Saturday.

Robin, Lauren please advise...

P.S., the house is NOT pink, it is Terra Cotta, per the current owner



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