Monday, May 01, 2006

3 weeks to go

On May 23, a plane leaves
Los Angeles bound for
Auckland, New Zealand.
We better be on it, damn it!

The flight will take about 12 hours and most all of it is at night. After we get to Auckland, we will hop on a small plane and fly down to Nelson.

Nelson is around 7000 miles from LA. The time is usually 5 hours earlier, but the following day. So if it was 5 PM on Friday in LA, it could be noon on Saturday in NZ, depending on daylight savings.

For those visual learners out there who need a geography lesson, maps have been

New Zealand is not Australia. It is easy to make that mistake. They are rather close on the map. It's like some people would think America was Mexico.

The whole country is about the size of Colorado. Above is a world map. You can see New Zealand on the lower right edge. It is small and green colored.

You faster ones can help your neighbor find it.

The next map is that little green shape blown up (non-terrorist style). You can see that New Zealand is actually a country of 3 islands. The island to the North, which is closer to the equator, is called North Island.

Of the 4 million humans living in New Zealand, 3 million live on the North Island. 1 million of those live in Auckland which is NOT the capital, but the largest city. It is one of the great cities in the world.

At the bottom of North Island is Wellington, the capitol. Wellington is supposed to pretty cool, but it is always very windy. Who needs that?

Can you guess what they call the Island to the South??? Anyone?? Anyone??

Yes, you there in the back, Josh..

That's right, they call it South Island, and there are only 1 million "folks" on the whole thing. And look how big it is. North Island is simply beautiful, pastoral, a dream to visit. Beautiful
beaches forests, sunsets. The only place on earth that makes North Island appear pale is South Island.

Nelson is on the top on South Island, the center of the country. Nelson is the sunniest city with golden beaches and 3 national parks nearby. 8 golf courses and lots of yoga studios. There is a big hospital and swarms of schools.

Perhaps there will be some work as we are in dire need of funds if we hope to find shelter in this formidable place. Currently, we are planning to reside in the city proper in a furnished 3 bedroom house.

But this will set us back a very dear $780/month. And that does not yet include cable TV and internet, which could raise the sum another 100/mo.

Lord, why have you forsaken us?

Here is a link to a Nelson website to play around with.

Jeanne, help that slow guy next to you. He can't even find his pencil, let alone a mouse.


At 5:26 AM, Blogger T.C. Craig said...

New Zealand. A good choice. Like most Americans, I've not traveled much around the globe. And, like most Americans, I fell in love with New Zealand's landscape from The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Still, it's a place I'd love to move to, even though I've never been. Good luck to you, I wish you the best.



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