Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baba Booey!

Everyone who knows us is aware of our love for Howard Stern. When we were in California, we were subscribers to Sirius Satellite Radio and when we moved over here, we kept paying in order to listen to the music on the computer website, even though Stern was not available.

But...on Monday, we learned that the Stern show began airing over the web. Life is now complete. We were so excited, we wrote an email to the show.

During the day, we took another ride to the east coast to see what there was to see. What there is is Marlborough Sounds, some gorgeous water the color of Glacier Blue. Here are some pictures.

When we came back from our 6 hour drive, we turned on the computer to listen to the replay of the Stern show. How shocked were we when Howard actually read our letter over the air!!!! He even mentioned our full names. This is very rare. Ask us how excited we are, go ahead, ask us...


I am beginning some substitute teaching this week at Nelson College. I hope the kids are good. I will write about the experience later this week.

Lazy Kimberly has not even begun to look for a job...


Lastly, and most important, Dad has had a procedure today to help fight his liver cancer. We hope all our readers will take a monent to send out a positive thought.

F Jackie


At 4:35 AM, Anonymous Hdiamond said...

The pictures are gorgous and the hiking trails you are exploring will be useful when we visit in the "summer".
How is the school system set-up. Is it like the US or is the structure different? Do they have elected school boards or appointed in Nelson. Is there a superintendent?
Is nelson a first class city? do people pay school taxes if not how do schools receive funding?
I am trying to workout a cooperative plan to visit NZ on a mutually beneficial educational trip centered around exploring their teaching of reading. In turn, I will try to identify some aspect of Alaskan education that some group could identify and support. My plan is to either come for a three week trip to Aust. and NZ around the middle of December (two weeks vacation and one additional week work related) or just come for two weeks in January. One week in Aust. and one in NZ... good to have some plans.
Hope to hear from you and Kimberly soon.


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