Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shaking in the Garden

Shaking in the garden, the fear within you grows
Here there may be roses to punch you in the nose
Twist their arms around you, slap you till you cry,
Wrap you in their sweet perfume and love you till you die

Those who know us will not recall our having tools for gardening. We had a Mexican guy named Ricardo Galvan who would keep the place looking decent for 80 bucks a month.

We traded the lawnmower to a couple free months and wrote a check thereafter.
Case closed.

Well, it doesn't work that way here, sir.

My usual motto was ABM ... Anybody But Me.

Here, they have something called DIY...Do It Yourself. So now we have heaps of tools and the list keeps growing. Lawn Mower, several rakes, ax, edging tool, shovel, clippers, pruner, get the idea.

Our gardener is really a horticulturist with whom we work side by side. Kimberly does most and she is learning all about what's what back there. I am sort of labor. I cut the lawn and haul away the giant piles of rubbish.
It is like I have become Ricardo Galvan, without the 80 dollars.

The place looks lots better cleaned up.
So we have decided to stay and make some changes.

We are going to paint the outside with a fresh coat that is not so "pink".
And Kimberly got hold of a landscape architect who is working on a design for a patio in the back upper yard.

We reckon to put a little spa pool up there along with a garden. Boy, what we won't do to attract visitors!

The garden is small and experimental right now, but it grows so fast...we are already eating from it. We picked up a little BBQ and have been cooking out.

This is the view from the potential spa.

Come on over for a visit.

Especially if your name is Ricardo Galvan.


At 5:51 AM, Anonymous robin said...

The garden looks like a salad bowl!! It's wonderful. I bet tomatoes will be fantastic. It looks great now so I can't wait for future photos! We had a blast at daddy's yesterday. See you in S.D. love - robin

At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be most happy to visit your garden, especially at harvest time.

So plant your seeds and watch them grow and everyone will make their plans to show.


At 7:04 AM, Anonymous robin said...

Hey, I have been trying to find you!! You still owe me money you little stinkin man...Ricardo Galvan


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