Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just A Box Of Rain, Wind And Water

Earlier this week, New Zealand was hit with a cold cycloney storm full of heavy rain and 85 mph winds. Nelson, normally a haven, was not spared. Kimberly and I locked down everything we could, blasted the heat and stayed inside watching trees bend like they were doing yoga.
We hoped the tremendous wind would not knock some body's tree into the house.

Turns out that happen to many many folks all over the counrty.

Fortunately, we escaped all damage, but the town and country were hit with millions of dollars in destruction. Water service was cut off and some people still have no electric afer 4 days. The cleanup will take quite a while and everyone is pitching in.

The country's biggest story seems to have come from a falling tree right in the center of our town. It was about 50 feet tall and very old. Weighted down with water and pushed hard by wind, it gave up the fight and began to topple. All was caught on video by a passerby, Dave Finlay.

The drama came as a car just made it under the tree before it crashed to the pavement. The video ended up on YouTube and has gone around the world with 75,000 hits already. You can add to the total:

Turns out the driver, Paul Thomas, had suffered a near death accident about ten years ago. To be killed by a falling tree would have been the final insult.

That's it for now.. happy 61 to Howard Diamond in Alaska. You are that much closer to outliving The Shu.


At 4:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, some photos. makes barry's little postal car tree look tiny now. glad your adorable house was not harmed. robin


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