Friday, December 07, 2007

Built To Last

In our house, being fit and in shape is the most important factor in life. In fact, I currently hold the #1 position in the Mr. 112 Cleveland Terrace competition. Overall, I am the second place winner in the open division, with Kimberly slightly ahead in points.

It's not easy keeping this trophy. I must work out 3 times a week, running on the treadmill, while watching the TV. I reckon I cover 12km per week. Then I put about 90 pounds of weight on a Nautilus machine and do some upper body stuff. Last I avoid my situps, take a nice shower and steam, topped off with a hard earned mocachino and sweet pastry.
If I wear a loose shirt, in the correct light I actually can appear half way trim.
But I ain't no Mr. Universe.
That title this year goes to Mark Anderson. He is the most fit man in the cosmos, which includes all pumped up aliens on all the planets in all the galaxies in Heaven. Except, he doesn't live on Mars, he lives right here in Nelson, NZ and is a personal trainer. See the news for more info:
I actually could hire out Mr. Universe to put me in competitive shape!
Who knows, someday, I could be Prime Minister.


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable article! Filled with so many fun facts. I encourage you to continue to employ any means possible to stay healthy, happy, and wise. This should be a compliment of activities, one being, the gym routine you alluded too. Many of us in the "know" could be more specific on activities a 60ish man should and should not be doing to promote positive physical and mental health, but who am i to give you advice.
I always went with the premise that if you hang out with mostly overweight, fat people you will look and feel much better. I used this in high school when selecting my peer group and I felt great for four years. Didn't you graduate in 1965 from Irondequoit. I thought so.
One last piece of advice...those budapest's are to die for. Stay with trim latte's and see you on your surprise 70th. birthday.


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