Sunday, November 25, 2007

Like A Diamond Eyed Jack

Well, the Diamonds are here and we are trying to cover a lot of distance in a few days. Those who are aware of Howard's slovenly ways know he has trained his son well. Jack and H do not move to the same pace as, say, Kimberly. In addition, our home and car have been "Diamondized", which is an endearing term for, "Haven't you ever heard of making a bed, or putting that shirt on a hanger? How did these french fries get all over the back seat? Must we vacuum you after every meal?"

There is much late sleeping. There is an amazing amount of stopping every few feet for additional nourishment in the form of ice cream, pastries, lattes, ad nauseum...all followed by rest.

That being said, we did begin the week with a scheduled talk by the Diamonds at Nelson Girl's College. Jack and H were to talk about Alaska in a few classes.

This went very well and in the first group were about 25 cute kids Jack's age. It didn't take long to break the ice, as they say in Yakutat. Jack was explaining bears in his own unique manner and the girls were all smiles.

After that we had time for lunch. Most of us would have enjoyed staying on campus and eating with the girls, but Howard needed much more than was offered at the canteen, so we went into town where we had a full sit down meal.

It may have been the heat of our sun or the hurried pace, but for some reason when we got back to school for the second talk, Howard was pouring sweat from every orifice. While he was opening the speech, I wanted to throw him a towel, but I feared he might think it was cotton candy and eat it.

Fortunately, Jack saved the day by commanding the stage and fielding questions, as expected, mostly about bears. At the finish, photos were snapped. Jack has a school assignment to appear in pictures with his 2 thumbs up. All the girl's did it too.

When it was over, Jack wanted to move to Nelson and attend Girl's College. Howard wanted a sponge bath and a 5 course meal.

We have also gone hiking and fishing. Also we held the original ring from Lord of the Rings. During the coming days, we hope to shop in Christchurch and swim with dolphins in Kaikoura.

Mr. Diamond can't wait to try the dolphin burger.


At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, looks like you guys are having fun. do you make fun of all your guests that visit? Or just the ones you admire?
Wait, I didn't get a blog shoutout...what does that mean..actually it was only a mention and a picture. Maybe it was a slow news week.
Anyway, I hope you and Kimberly find it in your hearts to rescue a fine NZ dog or cat and give it a good home.
Stay sweet and try to give your readers more....more..

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous robin said...

ok, there is another robin???? what the... i bet jack stole the NZ girl's hearts just like he has all of ours with that amazing charm and smile. it is amazing that howie can make YOU look athletic and healthy - a gift only he can give :) give them both a hug and kiss for me - robin


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