Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We Will Get By, We Will Survive

Most likely, all of us have known somebody who has suffered with cancer. Some succumb to it; some survive.
Cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in adolescents and young adults. Survival rates are worse than any other age group.
Being a teen is already challenging enough. They have to deal with Hormones, Hair growth, and Heavy petting. Add Cancer and Chemotherapy to that mix and you have a recipe for Xtreme depression.
As a nurse, I have worked with every stage of human, from premature babies to 100 year old men. Oddly, I have never worked with adolescents.
In order to remove that blemish on my resume, I have recently become involved with an organization called CanTeen who support, develop and empower young people and their siblings living or dying with cancer.
Here is the website: http://www.canteen.org.nz/
The application for a volunteer was elaborate. Police reports, many references, and several in- depth interviews. My background as a nurse was a big plus as was my offer to give up to 16 hrs a week of my time.
After the initial interview I was invited to participate in a photo op with our local district rugby team, The Tasman Makos: http://www.makos.co.nz/
At the session were two Makos, Chris Bentley and Kaho Marfell. They were pretty big guys, but not as big as the All Blacks. The Makos chose to support this charity due to several of their members losing family this year to cancer.
The next day the photo made the local paper, The Nelson Mail. You can read the article here:

Our biggest fund raiser during the year is bandana week. It is coming up October 15-21. A bandana costs 5 NZ bucks. If anyone out there has some new found wealth, I am taking orders.


At 3:06 AM, Anonymous robin said...

So great. I know your crush w/the All Blacks is huge so it is nice to see you with the other side:) Very cool. robin


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