Saturday, July 14, 2007

Teachers Teach That Knowledge Waits

Do not try to re-adjust your screen. You have not mistakenly been transferred to a Israeli Kibbutz website. This frightening photo is here with our blessing.

We are still in Oakland, looking at Chloe for another week, so not much is going on.

However today, I was re-acquainted with a student I taught in the 7th grade around 14 years ago... Josh Shupak. He was one of the few Jewish kids living in Vista, Ca. so he was very easy not to forget. In fact, I had his brother and sister through the years. Oddly, we bumped into his sister, Jamina, while she was travelling in New Zealand a while back.
Josh was in my 7th grade honors class and he was the subject of a lot of kidding from the other students. I mocked him a bit myself if I do recall.
Well, he had this big Jewy Afro and nerdy glasses that were always broken and taped together. He was allergic to all sorts of stuff including anything dairy. I probably tried to treat him to ice cream just to see what would happen. When I asked him what he remembered from my year of teaching him, he had very little recollection. A fine endorsement for those interested in going into the education field.

He has horrible vision, still wears broken coke bottle eye wear but now has upgraded from scotch tape to rubber bands for repair work. He won't drive, prefers to ride a bike, does odd jobs and teaches Hebrew.
We all know what a high demand there is for Hebrew teachers these days.

Josh came by with his wife Andrea and we all went to lunch in Berkeley.

He wears the skullcap and had a beard. I spent the entire time fearing a Hezbollah attack just because I was sitting near him.

But we all luckily survived the meal which was very non-dairy.

Somehow, Josh has managed to find a lovely partner who is a hard worker, and teacher. She drives and everything and looks normal. I think she has normal eyesight too.

As it was Friday afternoon, the Sabbath was fast approaching and all good Jews must go into lock down before sunset. But I wanted to hustle to the Kosher bakery for some macaroons. We got there under the wire and were happy the proprietor, who looks a lot like Josh, was able to make a fast sale before darkness fell in about 6 hours.
Actually, the religiousness wore off on me, so I better stop now before G-d strikes me dead and turns Kimberley into a very rich shicksa.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous robin said...

Kimberly would be an adorable, younger than you shiksia with lots of money! love - robin


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