Saturday, April 07, 2007

Undie-niably the Best

OK, this one is for my gal pals in NZ and old mates from the states. I also dedicate it to my gay nephew, Justin, who performed before a large crowd at "Lips" Cabaret in San Diego as Victoria Van Dyke.
(He also downloaded over 700 gay sites whilst visiting us from which we still receive unusual pop-ups.)
Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, Blogs didn't exist then.

However, at age 51 and straight, I can appreciate Justin's taste in fine young men. I'm not a pervert, but I AM menopausal. Yeah, that's it, I'm menopausal, that's the ticket.

As a lovely lady still turns Mike's head, (more like a gawk), I feel it's healthy, (yeah that's the ticket, it's healthy), so does the occasional Rugby player get my attention.

As the 2007 New Zealand All Blacks Rugby season approaches, I am getting very excited to see "the boys" once again in all their short shorts, no gear to cover ANYTHING, glory. These guys not only turn the heads of every sheila south of Ozzie, but capture the attention and respect of every Kiwi, male and female, from womb to tomb. They are rightfully the darlings of our small, cool country.

Recently, Dan Carter, All Blacks kicker since 2003, sealed a multi-million dollar deal with Jockey Underwear. You may recall Michael Jordan as their model/spokesperson several years ago. BIG TIME DOLLARS. Well, in a country of only 4 million, this IS a big deal. In fact, his poster on billboards in Christchurch has stopped traffic and caused collisions.

A little skinny on Dan.... He is 24 years old, born in Christchurch, also plays for the local Christchurch rugby team called The Crusaders. He has broken the All Blacks record for scoring in a game at 33 points..(old record- 18 points). He recently was the first person in the world to purchase a computer with Windows Vista on it, and it was promptly donated to charity.

This is not the first Kiwi to do business with Bill Gates. Peter Jackson & Bill Gates signed a deal worth who knows, a gazillion $$$ for video games! Bill's Chief Financial Officer is also a Kiwi. I may not write these blogs often folks, but when I do, my intention is to enlighten...

We just saw a CNN clip here with the Jockey Underwear spokesman claiming Dan Carter "The best model we've had in 135 years!". He has gone global with this campaign and I say "good on ya' Dan". When asked if his teammates have ribbed him, he said "Yes, but then I throw a couple 0f free pairs of Jockeys at them and that ends it".

The 2007 Rugby season here begins on June 2nd against France. Dan Carter says The All Blacks are his #1 one priority and his world tour Jockey campaign takes second place.

I never watched sports in the states. I knew the super-stars of course, and must give them their props, they are amazing athletes. But why am I so taken with these big boys from a little country way over here "on the edge of the world"?

Have you seen a Rugby match? They wear NO gear, well maybe a "cup", that's understandable. Each half is 40 minutes and I have seen them go almost the entire first half without a time out. I mean, what stamina! Their thighs are the size of pillars on a greek temple.

And the only time I have seen a squabble is with the South African team, who are even bigger than the All Blacks and play pretty rough by anybody's standards. When this happened, the ref pulled both team captains aside and admonished them saying "I will NOT let Rugby turn into this kind of Game!!" We got to hear it all from the ref's mic..

I admit it, I am caught up in the All Blacks hype but EVERYONE is. Even Mike. I don't know for sure, but I am assuming Jockeys are sold here in NZ, so on June 2nd I'll be wearing mine underneath my All Blacks jersey.

P.S. to my neice, Debbie, in NYC....Please let me know when Dan's torso shows up in Times Square in giant Diamondvison.

Get ready for some fender-benders and a few broken hearts...


At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Debby said...

Yes maam! Dan just might be hot enough to lure me into the slow-walking wilds of tourist-laden Times Square.

At 3:19 AM, Anonymous robin said...

too cute! love when you enlighten us in the states you new kiwi shelia! love - robin

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan reminds me of Mike when he was just a few years younger. Please put a picture of the both of you in your Jockey's. You never know who is reading the blog?
Mike may have a contract for the Jockey Boomer's line...or is that the bloomer's line...


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